12.12 NM Today!

December 23, 2015

The sun finally came out today, which was quite nice to see. That, combined with decent snow conditions and a foot that wasn’t hurting meant I was able to ski 12.12. NM in ten hours and twenty minutes. Perfect! Good conditions and a healthy foot and I can move well. Of course – it’s snowing again as I write this . . .

When I started cooking tonight, I discovered that my one and only pot has sprung a leak on the bottom. Seriously, I’ve never had that happen before. Anyone know if you can use JB Weld on aluminum, and expose it to flame (or use it inside the pot?). Is it toxic if exposed to fire?? One thing after another. Nonetheless I’m grateful for the miles I was able to put down.

A question was asked about the amount of fuel I use. I brought enough for just under 200 ml/day. For 50 days I brought about 9 1/2 liters. I’m careful with fuel consumption, so that should be plenty. The important thing is not to let water boil or get too hot – waste of fuel. At night I also melt enough snow for breakfast, and store that warm water overnight in a thermos, to retain the heat (and thus the fuel).

Just heard from exped manager Kirsten – original JB Weld is nontoxic once cured and can withstand heating to 500 degrees. So that may end up being the answer.