6 Degrees of Separation

January 3, 2016

Good day today; over 13 nm covered in 10 hours. The snow was solid (ie normal) and it was sunny with virtually no wind. 4 or 5 days to Thiels Corner from here if conditions continue to hold. It was nice to pass 84 South today! My foot remains about the same unfortunately. Going to re-tape it tonight to see if that helps. Thankfully my sled is noticeably lighter, now that I’ve eaten my way through 29 days of food!

I’m writing this post on an iPhone. The iPhone can be linked to a couple of different devices – a DeLorme inReach which is my satellite tracking device and which can be used to send texts, and an Iridium Go which acts as a backup sat phone. I brought 2 iPhones with me in case one failed. Of course, my primary phone has failed, so now I’m using my backup. Thanks Emily Bayton for the backup iPhone!

Btw – the DeLorme inReach is amazing. If you do anything in the outdoors – climb, hike, camp, fish, whatever – it is an incredible piece of equipment. A tracking device that you can send texts with on the Iridium sat system. It’s also virtually indestructible, which is great Given my apparent ability to break things. I’m also impressed with my solar panel – a 21 Watt rollable panel made by PowerFilm. It will produce a charge even in heavy cloud cover.

So, my plan continues to be to make it to Thiels Corner and evaluate my progress, my foot, etc. Thanks for the continued prayers & thoughts!