Happy Friday!

December 18, 2015

For me, another hard day of really soft snow. 9 hours in the harness, and only 8.5 NM to show for it. There have been lots of comments about the unusual conditions the year. I don’t know about that, but I know it’s really hard work – like dragging through concrete. My right ski continues to roll out, which is what caused the blister, and it’s putting enormous strain on my ankle. Tonight I’ve also brought both skis into the tent to problem solve. The binding mounting seems fine, although only a few millimeters off can make a difference. I’ve measured the mountings though and they appear identical. But, I’m getting snow buildup under the climbing skin on the bad ski, so I think that’s causing the imbalance. I’m re-gluing that skin to the ski and will further attach it with screws. Hopefully that solves the issue. Anyway, have a great weekend. I’ll continue to make my way toward the pole.