Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! For me, so far it kind of feels like it’s still 2015. . . Over 12 nm today on good snow with good weather. Actually that’s a nice start to the year. Someone asked about my foot – the blister issue resolved after I removed the footbed from my boot liner. However, I haven’t been able to solve whatever it is that’s causing the pressure on the inside of that foot. As a result, the bottom, inside of that foot is now completely numb, from my big toe, through the arch, and including the heel. The part that isn’t numb hurts! But the pain is manageable through a combination of taping, Advil, and mostly through ignoring it. It causes me to ski with a limp, though, which impacts my speed. Going into this I knew that I would be hurting by the end, I just didn’t want it to start so early in the trip. Hopefully the feeling in my foot returns when it’s eventually given a chance to rest!

There was also a question about sleeping. I try to get about 7 hours per night. Sometimes I sleep well, sometimes not so much. A cruel irony is that I fight against the cold all day, but in good weather if the sun shines on the tent all night, it creates such intense radiant heating that the tent is sweltering. I have to open all the doors and vents to cool it down. My sleeping bag is rated to neg. 40 degrees, so it gets very hot when the sun is out, like tonight. I wish I brought a lightweight sleeping bag liner to sleep in when it’s hot. Just another challenge!

So – on to 2016! And 84 South.