Real Men Wear Skirts!

December 29, 2015

About 9.5 NM miles today – firm snow but a heavy, low overcast with very flat light. Navigation was by staring at the compass all day. Temps are getting colder too. Tomorrow I’ll get out my weather meter and get the temp and wind chill. Because the cold wind can cause “polar thigh”, a form of cold weather injury to the skin of the upper legs, I’ve started wearing my Skhoop down skirt over my wind pants. It goes to just above my knees and helps to block the wind from my legs. Skhoop was nice to sponsor the skirt for me! Real men wear skirts in Antarctica!

Today being day 24, I get to change underwear, socks AND my base layer. Good times. I’m pulling out the heavier weight base layer, made of merino wool by a Norwegian company called Aclima. It’s a full-body suit and quite warm.

Also, I’ve been advised that snow conditions below 83 South (where I am now) are supposed to be improved. That would be nice. The soft, deep snow I’ve been struggling with since day 1 has been a nightmare.

I hope everyone is enjoying this week before New Years!