Snow, Cloud, or Sky?

December 30, 2015

What’s snow, what’s cloud, and what’s sky? Often it’s hard to tell them apart – they all blend together. Today started in heavy overcast and ended in sunshine, so it was a pretty typical day weather-wise. The temperature was about 3 degrees F and there was a constant 5 mph headwind, so about -12 F with the windchill.
Some days have been warmer and some colder, and plenty windier!

The snow was firm today, hopefully the start of a trend of good conditions from here on. Today also marks the halfway point of my provisions – I have 25 days food left. The problem is that I’m not close to the halfway point distances-wise! I’m still about 100 nm to the Thiel Mountains, which are at 85 South. At this point, it’s looking virtually impossible for me to reach the pole within the 50 days I planned. So what to do?? I’m thinking through the various alternatives now, but first I need to make it to the Thiels! After that, we’ll see.

It’s disappointing to think that I might not make it, but so it goes on expeditions. Sometimes conditions just won’t allow it, despite the planning, training, and hard effort. I am satisfied that I’ve been working as hard as I can daily. So – I’lll keep up the effort and make my way to the Thiels!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve tomorrow.