A Twin Otter and a Teapot

December 27, 2015

Yesterday it stormed while I was in camp (I was happy to be in camp), bringing lots of new snow. So today, day 22, brought a morning of heavy pulling, but in sunshine.

This afternoon a stiff wind picked up and started to firm up the new snow. About 2:00 pm I was taking a “nature break”, and turned around just as a plane – a Twin Otter – was about to pass right over me, about 200 feet up! It had been following my trail from my last camp and I’m sure the pilot was gleeful to be ambushing me. I never heard it coming, but just happened to turn around in the nick of time! The plane made a couple of passes overhead, and a crewman tossed a stuff sack out of an open door. It fell about 50 feet away. It contained not one, but two new pots! A tea pot and a regular pot. I guess they wanted to be sure I had what I needed. I gave the pilot a thumbs up as the plane passed over a third time; the plane waggled its wings and headed south toward the pole. I’m sure the pilots love flying down here – the adventure, the fun, and the practical jokes on unsuspecting people such as me.

I really can’t say enough good thins about ALE – they have been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and good natured. They run quite an operation supporting expeditions and scientific research all over the continent.

Anyway, 10 hours of hauling today brought a bit less than 10 NM, showing that conditions were pretty rough early on. Looking better for tomorrow!