So Long 2015!

December 31, 2015

Good conditions today-sun, firm snow underfoot, and only a light headwind. Also, only a moderately painful foot! I was able to make over 11 nm, which was nice. Hopefully these conditions last.

Spent a lot of time today thinking about the past year, and the upcoming one. Most of my thoughts revolve around my family and friends, and how to be better to and for them. It’s easy to get lost in your head with nothing to look at in any direction but snow. I spend plenty of time staring at clouds too. The clouds down here aren’t the friendly, fun type. They’re long, flat, and pointed. They’re moving fast, like spears. The worst are the rolling clouds on the ground headed your way. That means a whiteout is coming. It makes your heart sink when one of those appears on the horizon. You know you’ll be stuck in it for the next couple of days!

People have asked about gear. My anorak and wind pants were handmade by Susan Schurke. She has a company called Northwoods Apparel in Minnesota. Sue and her family are dog sledders and also own a lodge. Sue made the clothing for the Will Steger expedition. If you don’t know about that one, you should check it out! The anorak and pants are incredible – warm, wind proof, very breathable. Perfect for here.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve! I’m hitting the sack.

-83.5128, -80.8371