December 22, 2015

Two days of low cloud cover or whiteout; two days staring at the compass. By the time this expedition is over, I’ll be able to walk on a 140 degree bearing with my eyes closed – no compass necessary. The frozen fog is otherworldly – ice and snow crystals hang in the air while the snow below shines from the reflection of the barely-visible sun.

This morning, while still in my tent, a plane flew overhead. It was my first sign of humanity out here since starting! It must have been an ALE plane, headed who knows where above the fog.

Yesterday my balky right foot was in absolute pain by the end of the day. I was afraid it could be a stress fracture. But last night Lisa Renee coached me through some new taping and today – with lots of Advil and Tylenol – it felt better. I’m making about 10.3 NM per day now (passed 82 South latitude yesterday). If you do the math that’s decent mileage, but not good enough. Hopefully I can get my foot sorted now and the snow, still soft, will improve!

It’s good to speak with home on the sat phone – family is in town for Christmas and more is on the way. Steamboat is getting hit with some proper snow now and the skiers are loving it. Can’t believe I’m missing it – to ski down here!

A special thanks to Matt Tredway – Everest teammate and friend. Our shower started leaking and when Lisa Renee gave him a ring to look at it, he came over and caulked the shower for her. Good dude, that Matt – but people who know him already know that.

So onward to tomorrow. I’m hoping for some sunshine, but we’ll see. Right now a light snow is falling on the tent, and it’s otherwise still and silent.