Time to Batten Down the Hatches

January 4, 2016

Today the wind came out screaming. For the entire day I was fighting a headwind that was at least 30 mph, with stronger gusts. Yesterday’s weather was so peaceful, and then this. I finally had to stop after 8.5 hours – too cold. It took me the better part of an hour to get my tent pitched.

Whenever I take the tent out of my sled, I attach a long line of cordage, pre-tied to the tent, to my sled. That way the tent won’t blow away while I’m pitching it. I also modified the tent to allow for faster solo pitching. Today, though, I would have to lay my entire body on the tent for minutes at a time to prevent the wind from ripping if from the snow. Whenever there was a break in the wind, I’d get another pole in place and a stake in the snow. Once Pitched, I pile blocks of snow around the bottom to help hold it in place. Thankfully, it feels solid tonight! Hopefully this wind subsides in the night.

About my schedule – I’m up by 6:30 am to make breakfast, pack up, etc. usually it takes me a couple of hours in the morning to completely break camp (I tend to procrastinate). I ski in 90 minute sessions – 80 minutes skiing and a 10 minute break. I do 6 or 7 sessions per day, so 9 to 10.5 hours skiing. I’m usually finished around 7:00 pm or so. It then takes several hours to make camp, melt snow for water, dinner and the next day’s breakfast, send blog updates, call my family, etc. I also have to spend time repairing equipment, hygiene and the like. Hygiene doesn’t take long! Then to bed, and hopefully decent sleep. Repeat ad nauseum.

Thanks to everyone wearing their SPS gear–I appreciate the support, and it’s stylin’, too!